P. Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney

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please ask me anything :) I love all my followers and everything you ask just quickly read this first :)


  • My name is Aly
  • I’m 16 years young
  • I’m from New Jersey

Info on my blog

  • I started in January 2012
  • I have x,xxx followers (ask off annon i’ll tell)
  • I have always been a summer/beach blog


  • promo 4 promo? Must have 2K+ 
  • double promo? No. sorry
  • promo games? Ask me to if i’m not busy I will :)


  • I’m using blink & it’s over
  • Yes I have the annon checker.
  • Yes I also have the un-follower checker.


  • Follow me? No I will not follow on demand. Sorry ask me to check out your blog. :)
  • Check out my blog? Of course: :) I’d love too!
  • Advice? Just ask:) I don’t bite! and I’d try to help :)

IF you actually read this for a solo promo message me. “Thousands of tanning beachbumms”because nobody actually reads these :)